How to change the session timeout?

To increase the timeout value in Tomcat:
1. Please locate the following section in [Tomcat_home]/conf/web.xml:



    The timeout value is specified in minutes.
2. Restart Tomcat after modifying the file, so the changes can take effect.

Last Updated: 22/07/2009 11:30
Why tag in template not be replaced with data after modified template?

This can be happen when using mutiple font formats within one tag, something like {instruction} ,or even only one bracket in differernt format like {instructionstill trigger the issue.

To solve this, just remove the old tag and retype it again, if you want to custimized format, make sure the whole tag including two sides bracket within one format

Last Updated: 30/06/2009 18:19
How can i print multiple labels within a large paper such like A4 size?

By default labels are printed on separate small label page, but how about when you only have Large paper like A4?

For this case we also provide a way to print multiple labels within one large page,  you just need to

1, Make sure CMS version is 7022 or above, if not, go to website for a update

2, Navigate to ADMIN->Consultation->Template->Clinic Document Template 

3, Click "Edit Template" button of Drug Label Template to open edit window, simply add a tag "{{float}}" to any place of label template and press "Update"

4, Adjust template's size to fit the paper, put mouse above the square on border of template, you can see an arrow, drag and drop to adjust the size, then press "Update".

Print out will be like this : 


Last Updated: 03/07/2009 12:49
How change customized the item in Vital Sign and Medical Background?
Only the users with administrator role can update the information. Follwoing are the steps: 1. User can go to Admin page 2. Select Consultation -> Customized Field a. To update the option of the selection field: 1. Select the items which the category is "Vital" or "Medical Background" 2. Click the Edit Option button to add/remove options b. Add Vital Sign/Medical Background 1. Click New button 2. Input the name, choose the category and input type 3. Follwing the step a to add/remove the options if the input type is Select C. Delete Vital Sign/Medical Background 1. Double Click the item 2. Click Delete button
Last Updated: 26/06/2009 18:39
How can I change to role of the user?

1. Login with administrator account
2. Go to the Admin page, and select User -> User on the configuration list on left hand side.
3. Double click on the User

4. Add/Remove the roles in Roles select boxes.

Last Updated: 26/06/2009 10:20
How can the prescription charge auto added in the billing item?

User can create a charge item which copy the prescription amont.

User should have the administrator right to edit the charge item. Following are the steps:

1. Go to Admin page, select Billing & Payment -> Charge

2. Update the item which you want to set it to copy the prescription amount

3. Check the "Copy Prescription Amount" field
4. Check the "Is Default" field if you want this charge item to be included in every consultation record. 

Last Updated: 02/07/2009 09:49