Introducing CMS 3X
CMS 3X, the latest version of the popular open-source CMS 3.0, is now more powerful and versatile than ever. In addition to more features, faster speed, CMS 3X is now directly integrated with the eHealth System (醫健通) to allow doctors to access the government voucher system for elderly healthcare voucher and vaccination subsidy vouchers.

To introduce the new features, the HKMA (香港醫學會) has arranged two briefing sessions on 25-Feb-2011 (Friday) and 8-Mar-2011 (Tuesday), 1-3pm at the HKMA Central Premise.

To make using CMS 3X more exciting, we are giving out a spiffy notebook and free annual support to members who register before 31-May-2011. For details, please click here.